Newly released for the Pandora Console

SpellrazorA riveting retro romp inspired by greats such as Rogue and Robotron, Spellrazor is a fascinating genre mash-up originally intended for release as an arcade machine in 1981.Notable features include:- 27 different spells, triggered by pressing the A - Z keys or space bar on the keyboard- Bullet time - the game slows down once enemies are encountered, giving the player time to act strategically- Secrets, mysteries and ritualsThe game's creator, Duncan M. Bower, reportedly went insane and subsequently missing in the 80s, leaving Spellrazor in a somewhat unfinished state.By a stroke of luck the code, thought to be lost forever, has since been retrieved.Dene Carter, gaming industry veteran and head of Fluttermind LLC, has successfully adapted the program to run on modern hardware and operating systems, while retaining the original state of the game for archival purposes. This makes for a few peculiarities such as the game's exposed debugging console.While allowing the player to buy and sell spells and - should you be so inclined - a way to cheat, it also features a look behind the curtains and a surprisingly rich syntax for what it is. There might be more to it - make sure to give it a try.Thanks to Dene Carter for sharing the source with the OpenPandora community. Check out his work or contact him underhttp://www.fluttermind.comTwitter @Fluttermind

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