Over at Nesworld comes news of a new clone game for the Nes Console, nice to see the old console still getting some attention:

The Oliver Twins are back with yet another Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game for everyone to enjoy. This time around however it is quite special. We all know their generosity from the release of the NES games DreamWorld Pogie and Wonderland Dizzy, titles we all knew about but figured had been lost forever. I even spoke with the Oliver Twins back in 2002/03'ish about Wonderland Dizzy and back then it was no where to be found, sadly a hard disk crash back then put an end to a small Wonderland Dizzy i had planned.Well enough about Wonderland Dizzy, because this page is a tribute to the latest news from Philip and Andrew Oliver, a Nintendo game I bet no one, other than those who worked on it, knew existed.... Mystery World Dizzy!

More Info --> http://www.nesworld.com/article.php?...teryworlddizzy