suloku has released a new version of his GameCube Memory Card manager for the Nintendo Wii:

Heres more information and release details:

  • Backups and restores savegames into GCI format
  • Restores savegames in GCS/SAV format
  • Deletes savegames from memory card
  • Backups memory card raw images in .raw format
  • Restores memory card raw images from RAW/GCP/MCI format
  • Format the memory card
  • Wiimote and GameCube controller support
  • Power button support
  • Front SD and FAT32 USB device (wii) and SDGecko (gamecube) support
  • Shows savegame information, alongside animated Icon and Banner!
  • A (somewhat) nice UI
  • Open Source!

[What's New 1.4f - april 05, 2017 - By suloku]

  • dragonbane0 made a mod of version 1.4c with folder selection and alphabetical sorting. Zephiles pointed this out and the changes have been merged with some little extra tweaks. Thanks you both!

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