Oibaf has released a new version of his Spectrum Emulator for Nintendo Wii, here more info:

FBZX Wii is a ZX Spectrum emulator.
The project is based on FBZX originally written by Sergio Costas (http://www.rastersoft.com/fbzx.html). The code has been ported to Wii and largely improved with many new features by Oibaf.

The main features are:

  • Emulates accurately the Original 48Kspectrum (both issue 2 and issue 3), the classic 128K, the Amstrad Plus 2, the Amstrad Plus 2A, the Spanish 128K and the NTSC 48k. This includes screen, keyboard and sound (both speaker and AY-3-8912 chip).
  • Screen emulation is extremely accurate, so it can emulate border effects and even attribute effects.
  • In precision mode floating bus and interrupt timing are accuratly emulated.
  • Frambuffer resolution at 640X480 or 320X240.
  • Supports Z80 snapshots, both loading and saving, and loading .SNA snapshots.
  • Supports TAP (both read and write) and TZX (only read) tape files, supporting normal speed loading and instant loading.
  • Supports RZX files (play, record, add bookmark, edit, browsing)
  • Tape browser.
  • Supports POKE files.
  • Supports ZIP files.
  • Support for SE Basic
  • FTP client for loading games from internet repositories (e.g. WOS).
  • Emulates up to 2 joysticks of types: Kempston, Cursor, Fuller , Sinclair1, Sinclair2 and QAOP.
  • Support for gamecube and WIIU PRO controllers
  • All the wiimote, nunchuck and classic controller buttons and joypads are fully configurable.
  • IR Virtual keyboard support.
  • Emulates Interface I, Interface II and Microdrive.
  • Emulates ULAPlus.
  • Emulates Currah microspeech and Fuller Box.
  • Based in a new, fully free, Z80 emulator (Z80Free).

Version 15.0
  • Added WIIU PRO controller support
  • Added Gamecube controller support
  • Fast up and down menu scrolling with the second joystick
  • Fixed bug in D-Right conf

Download here --> http://wiibrew.org/wiki/FBZX_Wii