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Thread: Xbox One Edge Browser Exploit Released

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    Default Xbox One Edge Browser Exploit Released

    As I catch up on news from each scene heres one about the Xbox One Browser Exploit:

    Have you been waiting for an 'Xbox One Hack' well here it is finally, but it was 'patched out' by Microsoft recently with their Win10 Creator's Update that rolled out earlier this week!
    But still if you are an 'coding expert', and have an 'non-updated' Xbox One console laying around to enjoy this release all you have to do is replace the 'shellcode' with something meaningful for your own unique Xbox needs!

    • For Xbox-SystemOS version: 10.0.14393.2152 (rs1_xbox_rel_1610 161208-1218) fre, 12/14/2016
    • Other versions will most likely need modifications to the script.



    • It is not sufficient to start an .exe via shellcode
    • Exploiters, be creative!
    • It is desired to find a way to invoke edge engine when console is offline

    Greets from unknownv2 & mon0 _

    More info:

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    We have an Xbox one an older version but I'm curious to check about this " Xbox One Hack" My nephew bought Xbox One S 500GB.

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