For fans and owners of the Virtual Boy Games System, theres a new release for developers:

Here is the brand new version 1.2.0 of VBDE, your full fledged Nintendo Virtual Boy development environment for Windows!

New compiler

For this version, gcc has been updated to 4.7 with amazing new patches by ElmerPCFX for wider compatabilty (e.g. frame pointers and prolog functions are now supported), better code optimization and much lower compile times.

Thanks a bunch Elmer! Also thank you to Jorgeche for helping with getting it up and running in VBDE!

Pro updates

For the Pro Version, IDEA has been updated to the latest version, 2106.3.5. Furthermore, the C/C++ plugin has been removed since it was causing slow-downs and broke auto-completion.

Tiled support

A script has been added for converting Tiled maps to VUEngine stages. It not only builds Stage definitions from Tiled maps, but also allows to mark certain object or tile layers as "Composites", which get combined into single images and converted on the fly.

Most Stages of the VUEngine demos have been converted to Tiled maps and can be converted with the script, but in its current form, it's not very robust against misconfiguration and more of a hacked together proof of concept. I hope to find the time to refactor this into a clean and highly extensible class structure for a future VBDE release.

New major VUEngine version

The VBJaEngine has been renamed to "VUEngine" and updated to version 5.0, which has seen tons of optimizations and bug fixes, new features as well as new, Doxygen-based documentation.

The VUEngine Barebone and Platformer Demo have also been massively updated. Check out the updated VUEngine Platformer Demo version, it now runs flawlessly on hardware and has improved graphics and animations, new level elements, new menus and an overhauled save feature!

In the following folder you'll find the latest compiled and padded binaries, constantly fed by our new, automated release process.


Keep in mind that you can stay up to date, independent of releases, by grabbing VBDE and the VUEngine directly from their Git repositories at Bitbucket.

So, instead of using the download links on top of this post, you can alternatively just clone VBDE's Git repo with your Bitbucket account, which would also enable you to easily update to future versions through a simple git pull.
git clone --recursive

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