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Thread: Virtual Boy News - Dragon Hopper VidPro card has been found

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    Default Virtual Boy News - Dragon Hopper VidPro card has been found

    Another item of Virtual Boy News:

    In the nineties, Canadian company VidPro made game retail displays that were used at a number of retailers, most notably Toys'R'Us. The system was simple: instead of the actual game boxes, VidPro displays had cards showing the boxart for every title the store sold, which the customer could browse. If they wanted to make a purchase, they grabbed a slip of paper and brought it up to the cashier to receive the actual game.

    Due to VidPro cards being produced prior to a game's retail release, there were also cards made for unreleased games in rare occasions. It has been known for a long time that a card exists for the unreleased Dragon Hopper, and we have even had super-low res scans which were found in 2002 on

    Now the elusive gem has finally been found by vuefinder83! Enjoy high-res scans of the VidPro cards for Dragon Hopper and a few other Virtual Boy games, including early versions, here.

    More info here -->

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    nice one. thanks for sharing

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