Fans of retro systems will love this look back at a great mag of old:

This week turn back the clock 26 years to July of 1991 to see issue 10 of Mean Machines on the store shelves. This issue has gone through an extended restoration process to make sure it looks as brilliant as it did the day it was brought home. We start of with a forgotten and highly underrated arcade gem that got ported to the Mega Drive: Wardner no Mori. Then we look at a shoot 'em up from one of the greatest developers the genre has ever seen: Zero Wing by Toaplan. Furthermore we have the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the Mega Drive by Sega's own Sonic Team.
And finally we delve into some good old 8-bit classics with GG Shinobi for the Game Gear and Shadow Warrior for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

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