Heres a magazine from the DS and Wii Days,:

This time we return to NGamer with issue 5 that was released in January of 2007.
We start of our review selection with Gotlieb Pinball Classics by FarSight Studios which would later on develop the high-end arcade simulator: The Pinball Arcade, which digitally recreates a ton of classic pinball tables. The review for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess comes at a time where we see Nintendo reinventing the franchise once again with the gorgeous entry: Breath of the Wild. Rayman Raving Rabbits sure was a fun diversion back then. And Wii Sports showed us just how new play controls could really shake up classic sports games.
Besides all these Wii reviews, we also have a bunch of Nintendo DS games previewed as well: Elite Beat Agents might not be as magical as the original Ouendan game, but it's still a ton of fun.
Gunpey Reverse is a peculiar puzzle game, and Yoshi's Island DS tried to take on the impossible challenge of matching up to the original Super Nintendo masterpiece.
Finally we have a big feature that highlights a bunch of must have Virtual Console games: Download: Wii Recommend.