For the final catch up from the old days today, heres some more sega Saturn loving :

This week we turn back the clock exactly 20 years to the summer of 1997 with the brand new digital rendition of the Official Sega Saturn Magazine issue 22. This issue is filled to the brim with excellent content, so much so that we put nearly half the magazine online in the form of preview articles. So let's get started!
First up we have an interview with Kats Sato of Sega Europe on Sonic R. From here we move on to a whole bunch of features for Dragon Force, Last Bronx, Resident Evil, Dungeons & Dragons Collection, Sonic R and WipEout 2097. But that's not all!
We also have the following reviews stacked up for you: Darklight Conflict, Dragon Force, Sky Target, Sonic Jam and last but certainly not least WipEout 2097.

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