In my ever state of catching up with news heres one sourced from dcemulation:

Hello my friends, it has been a long time!

As you all know, my project "In The Line Of Fire" was not successful on Kickstarter.
What you all may not be aware of is the circumstances behind the campaign, and the state of affairs during that time.
I began this project as a labor of love, with no deadline in mind; I simply wanted to create the very best Dreamcast game the homebrew community has ever seen.

When Wilson, the 3D artist and myself began working together, I was not fully aware of how desperate his financial situation was.
Truth be told, if I had really known his situation from the beginning, I would not have got involved with him at that point in time.
He was and is a very talented artist, but he was struggling financially, and that is a very dangerous thing when I consider my situation at that time.
I have never relied on "In The Line Of Fire" for financial reasons, but for him, this project was life or death.
Because of his financial situation, Wilson forced me to launch the KS campaign, even though I pleaded with him to wait until spring of this year to make more progress and establish more media presence.
As things turned out, I was very rushed and had little time to dedicate to the actual KS campaign.
When the project failed, Wilson abandoned the project, leaving me with no choice but to move on.

That said, this projects failure is nobody's fault but mine, and that has been a very hard thing for me to accept.

Even though the campaign failed, things did not turn out poorly for me; I was contacted with a job offer that I could not turn down.
Now, I am currently working as an IT Administrator, coding for multiple platforms, and making much more money than I was last year.
As a result, I have no time to continue focusing on development on the Dreamcast.
I have learned a lot in my time here, and I will always cherish the time spent coding for Dreamcast, and I will always appreciate the community here.

With that said, today I am releasing the last alpha build of "In The Line Of Fire" to the public, mainly for those who supported our campaign.
This build is from January 2nd of this year; the last time I wrote code for the Dreamcast.

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