News of a new release of the GBA and Nintendo DS emulator for Windows:

no$gba is a Gameboy Advance / NDS / DSi emulator & debugger for Windows.

The no$gba debugger is a powerful programming tool for professional developers. If you are a developer, please see no$gba homepage for more info:

23 Jul 2017 - version 2.8f
nds/3d/help: note on MTX_PUSH/POP/STORE/RESTORE in Mode1 (thanks staplebutter)
nds/3d/emu: matrix stack in mode1 behaves like mode2 (fixes light directions)
dsi/mmc: supports MMC commands CMD1 and CMD6 (somewhat needed for libnds)
dsi/sd: added warning on trying to use SD card in 4bit mode with pull-up on
dsi/i2c: support softreset via bptwl (keeping main ram and bptwl regs intact)
dsi/help: added notes on warmboot info at 2003000h (for autostarting a title)
dsi/help: more details on 2FFD7BCh (scr,type,hcd,csr,clk_ctl,card_opt,device)
bios clone: reproduces div-zero, fixed crash on div-overflow (thanks endrift)
gba/io: emulates some more unused bits as non-writeable (thanks endrift)
gba/help: note on BLDALPHA being R/W (unlike official specs, thanks endrift)
debug/help: note on nds9 debug message ports 4FFFAxxh working on gba/nds7 too
setup: renamed "Emu Identification" to "Debug I/O" and enabled it by default
gui: fixed window positions/fullscr when taskbar at upper/left (thanks joseph)

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