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Thread: It's JKKDARK's birthday...

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    Default It's JKKDARK's birthday...

    And he's not here to be insulted (although nobody else is either).

    Leave JKKDARK related insults, that oneday he will come here and see. Because he's still alive, with his Windows 7 PC and dialup modem, playing Phantasy Star Online 2 because he can't pretend to be a girl in MineCraft. 😂

    JKKDARK is still minorly relevant on the internet, which I found another post on ngemu that linked my Spam Song video (who remembers that?) which calls JKK a legend... Which that, could be a little true in the sense we mostly came here to bash JKK, in the day. lol

    JKK, come back so we can all trade insults!

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