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Fiat Homo - A Traction experience in 64k for Assembly'05Intro credits:-------------- -Code, Concept, Design - Martti "Preacher" Nurmikari -Music - Jukka "Grip" Alli -Bitmaps - Erkka "Kofeiini" Pynnonen -Additional code tidbits - Mikko "Vulture" Leppanen Babble:------- So, here it is. My first ever 64k intro.. but definitely not the last. Of all the demoscene related projects I've ever done, this has definitely been one of my favourites. No engine, no API, just a sandbox of code to play around in. And hey, I got to make my first ever Windows dialog :) Conceptually it is very close to what I imagined when I first got the inspiration for it, only one fundamental thing has been changed. Originally it was supposed to be, aside from being a nice show, a comment towards a political movement called Intelligent Design which seeks to replace the teaching of Darwin's Theory of Evolution in schools with a theistic view that "someone" has designed us. But unfortunately the 2001 nspired monolith fit the intro so well (in my opinion) that what started as a joke, was left in the intro and thus defeats the pro-science point I wanted to make. But oh well.. at least the idea of a manifestation of cosmic consciousness helping us to evolve into next level is amusing in the science fiction-sense. Expect a "making of"-article in the next issue of Pain, complete with the full source code. Hope you like it. -Preacher P.S. I know the name will probably cause amusement among the less literate party visitors, but for the Latin challenged, it translates into "let there be man", in the biblical sense, and has nothing to do with people who like to tune their cars ;) Fiat Homo by Traction - the source release------------------------------------------As promised in the Fiat Homo info file, here are the full sources for the intro.Some points:------------ * I use weird Finnish/English variable/function names, so it's most likely quite unreadable. * check main.cpp if you're looking for a place to start * It was made with no tools, just by coding * It includes snippets of NeHe stuff like the font engine, sorry :D * I'm not a professional programmer, nor want to be one. So don't be scared if you find stuff that looks horrible ;) * rename music.bin into .xm and you got the demo tune * The packer (kkrunchy by ryg/Farbrausch) is not included, so you'll get a >200kb exeAs far as I'm concerned, the source is yours. Do what you want with it, there's very littleworth ripping but personally I like the intro "engine" and will keep on using it. Doing itthe old way > tools, at least in my opinion. SSRI, my intro for Function'05, was made usingthe same framework. But, if you use the source code or find it useful, consider giving us greetings in yournext production :)Feel free to contact me at or for questions or generalchitchat. Thanks! - Preacher/Traction --------------------------------------------------Pandora port is based on the Linux/OSX port done by Waffle/ExHouse (thanks a lot for porting this)Here is some notes about the port done by Waffle:----------Port Notes----------First of all huge thanks to preacher for releasing the source code :)Greetings to port testers/helpers: habbie, hth, hupe, jylam, ricemunk, vsync, wolfThe port has been compiled in Linux, OS X and Windows(Dev-C++)Port changes- Music: FMOD- Window/input: SDL- Text: Pictures (uh oh :-))- some other small changes and fixes - Waffle/ExHouse ----------------------------- Sources used to compile for Pandora are included in PND.Only changed resolution and some small adaptations to use the FMOD version we have available.Link at Pouet page about this demo:

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