The GZW is an opensource console that sadly i have never owned, the wife drew a line and i couldnt cross it lol, but anyway heres the last 10 releases that i will have missed, thanks again to PDRoms:

OverHeated (14-05-2017) (GCWZ Game) (GCW Zero)

Road Figther (17-11-2016) (GCWZ Game Port) (GCW Zero)

ZiNC v0.3.4 (GCWZ Application) (GCW Zero)

Homing Fever v0.1.0 (GCWZ Game) (GCW Zero)

PCSX4ALL (15-06-2016) (PSX emu for GWCZ) (GCW Zero)

ScummVM v1.8.1 (misc) (Android)

Genesis Plus GX (01-01-2016) (Multiple emus for GCWZ) (GCW Zero)

Shisen-Seki v0.2.0 (GCWZ Game) (GCW Zero)

Gameblablas Oswan (06-11-2015) (WonderSwan emu for GCWZ) (GCW Zero)