Pandora is an awesome console and fully opensource, made by a coding community and still today the releases are flying in, heres the latest that PDroms have posted:

YACReader v8.5.0.7 (Pandora Application Port) (Pandora)

qpdfview v0.4.16.10 (Pandora Application Port) (Pandora)

OpenRA v1.0.0.05 (Pandora Game Engine Port) (Pandora)

RSS Guard v3.5.1.0 (Pandora Application Port) (Pandora)

opsu! v0.16.0.11 (Pandora Game Port) (Pandora)

EasyRPG Player v0.5.3.14 (Pandora misc Port) (Pandora)

Odamex v0.7.git-041217.8 (Pandora Game Port misc) (Pandora)

Dave Gnukem v0.81.081317.6 (Pandora Game Port) (Pandora)

Simsu v1.3.4.5 (Pandora Game Port) (Pandora)

plan9port v2017.07.21.3 (Pandora misc Port) (Pandora)