The guys over at out of print archive have released a new magazine digitalized for reading now and in the future, this magazine is for the Early Nintendo Consoles:

We're delivering a huge amount of nostalgia in a tiny package this week, especially when the magazine weighs in at a slim 20 pages. This is the final issue of Club Nintendo for 1989. The other volumes normally go up to 6 issues per a year.
We were only just able to get 4 full previews out of these 20 pages, all of them are reviews/features for some timeless Nintendo Entertainment System classics. The first one is Life Force / Salamander from Konami. Next up is Mega Man by Capcom. The next one is Robowarrior / Bomber King by Hudson Soft and Aicom. And finally we have a classic by Rareware: Wizards & Warriors.
If you enjoy this issue, we should be able to have some great news next week that you might like.