Never heard of this emulator before but its for the Zxspectrum on the windows platform, heres the release info:

ZX Spectrum and it's various models emulator for Windows has been updated. Changes:
* Bug fixes:
- Breakpoints added using the memory / breakpoint menu can now be deleted.
- ZXpand EEPROM content is now persisted as long as NV_Memory folder exists.
- Fixed the 'ZXpand saved files have their R/O flag set' bug.

* Enhancements:
- When using ZXpand emulation or dragging & dropping a .P file onto the UI a file with a .sym extension matching that of the selected program will be loaded in the symbol browser.
- Right clicking a symbol in the Symbol Browser or a line of disassembly in the debug window will open the memory / breakpoint menu.
- Double-clicking a symbol in the browser will add an executable breakpoint at its address.
- Added the ability to also use NO$GMB format symbol files: pppp:aaaa XXXXXX where pppp is the page address (typically 0), aaaa is the CPU address and XXXXXX is the symbol name.
- Symbol files (.sym) may be loaded into the Symbol Browser by dragging & dropping onto the UI.

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