Heres one of the better Sega console emulators for windows and without any more of my rabble, heres the release notes:

PicoDrive v1.91.1 (2017/11/17) is released. PicoDrive is yet another Megadrive / Genesis / Sega CD / Mega CD / 32X / SMS emulator, which was written having ARM-based handheld devices in mind (such as smartphones and handheld consoles like GP2X and Pandora), but also runs on non-ARM little-endian hardware too. The emulator is heavily optimized for ARM, features assembly cores for 68k, Z80 and VDP chip emulation, also has dynamic recompilers for SH2 and SSP16 (for 32X and SVP emulation). It was started by Dave (aka fdave, finalburn author) as basic Genesis/Megadrive emulator for Pocket PC, then taken over and expanded by notaz.

PicoDrive features:
- status line in main menu working
- bug fix: remove accidental wip svp code
- analog control working
- bug fix: svp dynarec freeze
- bug fix: load state background
- bug fix: accurate renderer

PicoDrive Changelog:
-Fix some bugs in SMS games (e.g.: Star Wars collision dections fails)

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