Heres another Homebrew Puzzle game for the Nintendo 3DS:

1.7.0 Released
Powerups! (4 currently, but hey it's a start.)
You can now have 3 saved levels. (Since no one in the poll Voted lol.)
Breakout Beta 1.7.0

1.6.1 Released
You can now save and play your custom level.
Fixed minor (but annoying) audio bug.
Breakout Beta 1.6.1

1.6.0 Released
2 New levels.
Improved Engine
(Many minor improvements to the code.)
Level editor * added (press Y at title screen)

* Currently you can not save the levels or play 'em, goal if you think you've made a cool level design submit it to me and I might include it in a future update! [Submit the array number on the bottom screen.]
* Use the D-Pad or joystick to move your cursor (représentée par has ball) And use the L and R triggers to switch entre bricks
Breakout Beta 1.6.0

1.5.0 Released
New Graphics and Sounds Added

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