If your a fan of Minecraft and ill be honest i am not, but my 7 year old autistic son is, this is a homebrew version of Minecraft for the Nintendo 3DS:

And it's finally there, probably the first piece of homeowners is being released, ready to be underwhelmed: D

Ok, to be serious. I finally implemented loading and saving the world into the rewritten version of Craftus. That means it's almost on par with smeas 3dscraft (except theres only one block type and the world is flat, instead of being flat, but these things are easy to implement). The whole thing is more or less unchanged (see here: https://github.com/RSDuck/craftus_reloaded#known-bugs& # 41; So For Those of You Who are still reading this, you can download Craftus here: https: / /github.com/RSDuck/craftus_reloaded/releases Expect updates soon. I simply wanted to release this thing and now Were the loading and saving, finally is Implemented, it Seemed like a good time to me. When you find a bug, please postponement It should be remembered that it is possible to use the same method as that of a product.

download - http://gbatemp.net/threads/wip-relea...loaded.480518/

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