If your a PSvita owner then any new games is good, heres a new version of Cookie clicker:

a Vita port is available so you can waste your time spawning cookies even on the go. With version 0.2, the game got a huge overhaul as the code was rewritten from scratch and more features from the full browser version were implemented.

Cookie Clicker 0.2, now with more features such as upgrades

Some of the most noteworthy new features are listed here:

  • 28 upgrades to buildings are now available! These multiply the ‘cookies per second’ rate of the building by 2.
  • All of the game code was re-written so now the interface is cleaner, nicer and feels much more solid. The touch controls, for example, don’t feel floaty now.
  • On-screen buttons were added along with some shadows to make the game look more pleasing.
  • Some bug fixes were implemented and compatibility with old saves was maintained too!
  • Much more.

download - http://gbatemp.net/threads/wip-cooki...r-vita.489060/

via http://wololo.net/2017/11/20/cookie-...e-cookies-now/