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Thread: PS Vita firmware 3.67 released

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    Default PS Vita firmware 3.67 released

    A curious move by Sony because they have basically ditched our beloved PSvita, heres whats new:

    Some mainstream sites are mentioning that this could be an attempt at fixing piracy issues. A weird statement given that piracy requires a hacked Vita, which means firmware 3.60. Firmwares 3.61, 3.63, 3.65, and now 3.67 are not impacted with piracy, so piracy is not (directly) the reason.
    It is possible however that this update patches things related to the recent psvpsftools release, or simply fixes other undisclosed issues. We’ll have to wait for some hints from scene hackers to know more. Stay tuned!


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    Bah, well I hope I can still sign in and at least be able to sync game saves between cross platform games such as Cold Steel. Not gonna be impressed if it blocks it, it's bad enough I can't make purchases or download previously bought content off the Playstation Store.

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