I have one release day PS3 that doesnt get much use these days and looking to put a custom firmware on it, heres good news for those who follow PS3 Hacking:

The REBUG Team (Evilsperm, Cyberskunk, Habib, Joonie and Abkarino) has released REBUG 4.82.1 Cobra 7.54 LITE custom firmware for PS3 consoles along with Toolbox 2.02.15. Please consider donating for their hard work, check the official site for more info (donation link on the left). This custom firmware is based on the original firmware 4.82 release. You can find the related downloads here as usual. Thanks goes to Evilsperm for the heads up.

More info : http://www.eurasia.nu/modules.php?na...=7688&forum=87