AN interesting news tidbit from our old pals over at the Spanish Dreamcast site DCIberia, basically to do with DVDs working on Dreamcast via Dreamshell, heres the translated article:

Good people, remember that this was the question of the million for a long time and at the time, when the Play2 and DC fought side by side, more than one wondered "why SEGA had not endowed the DC with such quality? "Many said it was because I did not want to spend on licenses, many others said it was because Dreamcast did not have enough power ... hoaxes! It is now when we learn, thanks to the Assembler forums , that from Dreamshell and with the IDE modification, it will be possible to connect dvd readers that have that port, and load ISOS, CDI, GDI or other types of files , as was done So far from the rigid discs. What is also very interesting is the possibility that you can play video dvd, because, as they comment, the DC has more than enough power for this purpose, although for the moment and although it is being investigated, there are no plans to add that quality in the next version of DS. You can stick around the Assembler forums and get very interesting first-hand information. Forums ASSEMbler