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Thread: Would it be okay to invite your EX to your wedding?

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    Default Would it be okay to invite your EX to your wedding?

    I'm having second thoughts on this.....please advise.

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    well....... if you are doing this out of spite, then go ahead. but you have to consider your future wife's opinion.
    if it feels like it could ruin your wedding day, then don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by passionbunny View Post
    I'm having second thoughts on this.....please advise.
    It's okay if you parted ways in a right way. But, it could be awkward.

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    We're gonna marry soon and I certainly wouldn't do that... Nor me neither the bride would want that.
    By the way, any recommendations for budget wedding venues in essex? We want to stay as budget as possible, but the place should be really nice.
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