SDLPAP has been updated heres the release notes:

sdlpap is an open-source SDL port of the engine of the famous Chinese (Taiwanese) RPG called ‘The Legend of Sword and Fairy’ that also got a TV series in 2004. A few days ago ‘rsn8887’ made a modification for better image quality and then ‘usineur’, who ported sdlpap to the Vita, decided to integrate ‘rsn8887”s modification into his port.

This is what got changed/updated in version 1.1 of sdlpap:
◾Thanks to rsn8887’s modification, a sharp-bilinear shader is now always enabled in sdlpap so the image quality is improved. The sharp bilinear filter makes all pixels be the same shape so they look better.

FIFA 18 mod is a modification made to FIFA 15 (the last FIFA game for the PSVita) that adds updated kits and rosters to the game. FIFA 18 mod was released back in September 2017 by Twitter user ‘@jesus_sdiaz’ but unfortunately, there isn’t a proper release post anywhere and it wasn’t well publicized so I doubt many people know about it.

Now, the final version of FIFA 18 mod (that was originally released in September) got released and it’s the final version of it since the author doesn’t think he got enough support for his mod. Quite a shame really because there aren’t many people left who are dedicated enough to mod Vita games.