Heres a game that sounds a lot like that bloody Pokemon Go game that got millions around the world nearly get runover by blindly walking into the roads looking for items to ping to get more points or whatever they did:

Niantic didn’t release a version of Pokémon Go for the Vita (and I don’t blame them), thanks to homebrew developer VitaHEX, we can enjoy an AR experience on the PSVita. Vitamon GO is a homebrew game in which you have to catch random monsters with the Poké Ball (or just ball?) at your disposal. The game has the following features:
◾In the game, you can enable ‘AR’ mode in which the monsters are placed randomly within the field of view of your rear camera! You can either press ‘X’ or the touchscreen to catch them.
◾There are 3 monsters as of now, none of which are from Pokémon. VitaHEX doesn’t want a copyright lawsuit but maybe someone will create a hack that’ll go under the radar; the source code is open-source anyway.
◾You can also see a monster list (ŕ la Pokedex).