Heres a new version of the Amiga Emulator for Playstation Vita, heres the release info:

Uae4All2 Vita_mod v1.54 is released. Use4All2 Mod is an Amiga emulator for Vita. This is my mod of the latest Vita version of this great Amiga emulator that was ported by Cpasjuste. Depending on when you read this, this mod might be ahead or behind his version. Uae4all2 is a Amiga emulator, based on uae4all openpandora-port sources.

Uae4All2 Vita_mod v1.54 Changelog:
- more choices for setting mouse speeds in steps of 0.25 now
- a button can be mapped to "slow mouse" in custom controls. When that button is held down, the mouse pointer speed is greatly reduced. This is useful for precisely positioning the cursor.

Download -