Heres some news thanks to our friends over at the Spanish Dreamcast Site:

As our little friend "VasiliyRS" told us, it was launched as a project for Mega Drive on Kickstarter, a new game that is being developed in the " Bitmap Bureau " offices , an independent development studio founded in February 2016 and located in Southampton, United Kingdom. The game, named Xeno Crisis will be a top-view shooter, inspired by classics such as Smash TV, against, Zombies Ate My Neighbors , among others. This jewel, soon to be published in both physical and downloadable format, had such reception and support that it managed to reach the goal of US $ 26,873, in just under four days since it was launched in kickstarter. So much was the joy of the developers who decided to listen to the recommendations of the sponsors and launched a reward that consisted of reaching the figure of 35,000, to give life to a version for SEGA Dreamcast , not to mention that they easily reached that sum and for That reason are reading this news. The Dreamcast version is available from US $ 40.00 or, if you have already ordered the Mega Drive / Genesis version, for about US $ 54.00, you can add another US $ 25.00, to obtain both versions. Among other things, the game will have a cooperative mode for two players and it is expected to be completed by October 2018. Visit the project website for more details: Xeno Crisis on kickstarter