Another announcement from Dreamcast ES is a new music game for the Dreamcast?

BeatTendency (BT) , is a musical style game in the style of BeatMania, DJHero, etc. A game where our ability with our ears and fingers go hand in hand. Our aim is to match the musical notes to the rhythm of the music and get a good score to be able to overcome the level.

The author comments that the game is being developed for the Sega Dreamcast console with BennuGD in principle. The idea of ​​it was born for the reason of becoming known as "new indie video game developer" since he would like to be able to dedicate himself to it professionally, because, despite being a programmer at the moment, he has always had the thorn in his head for making games.

The author does not rule out making ports for other systems such as PSP, GP2X or Saturn ...

You can read a lot more of the project in our web friend