Heres an article from Kotaku discussing the Xbox One this year, heres an excerpt:

Finally there’s the Xbox One X. Announced in 2016 as Project Scorpio, “the most powerful console ever,” Microsoft’s third iteration of the Xbox One hardware is an impressive piece of hardware. Games developed for or updated to take advantage of the One X’s speedy CPU, powerful Radeon graphics chip and enhanced memory bandwidth can run at native (or near-native) 4K resolution, deliver sharper textures, more stable framerates and enhanced lighting effects. While the One X was built to take advantage of the latest 4K, HDR television technology, owners of older sets can still benefit from enhanced performance and supersampling—rendering games at 4K and then downscaling them to 1920 x 1080 resolution, resulting in sharper visuals. It’s the best way to play Xbox One games.

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