Seems a new official update for the PS4 has been released but maybe its just security fixes to keep out hackers, heres some info:

There is no official changelog yet as to what firmware 5.03 does. At the time of writing, the official Sony page still mentions 5.01 as the latest firmware.
Team Fail0verflow recently disclosed the details of a Kernel Exploit for firmware 4.05. There’s enough details in there for us to believe a Jailbreak on firmware 4.05 is just a matter of time.
However hacker SpecterDev, publicly the dev who has made the most progress on an actual implementation of the 4.05 exploit, has been hitting a few setbacks. Allegedly, he recently mentioned on Discord that he has the jailbreak working, but that launching any game after the exploit crashes the console (while running Linux is apparently ok). Last time I informally talked with him about the 4.05 exploit, he was still working on it.

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