The out of archive guys are back with another long gone magazine for us to read, heres the details:

Again, due to ongoing health issues as well as scanner problems (having to throw out a years worth of scans due to a scanner defect that was noticed way too late), this update comes a bit later than expected, as a big part of the magazine needed to be redone from scratch...
But our first issue of the Nintendo Official Magazine is finally here. You might notice this it starts with issue 54 and that's for good reason. NOM is the continuation of Nintendo Magazine System and thus kept it's numbering despite changing the magazine's name. There's a ton of great content in this first issue so let's get started!
Let's start of with a look at Enix in an RPG Special. Then let's take a look at the included interview with Midway about Doom 64.
Besides these two great feature we also selected four reviews to preview the magazine as you download the full issue: Staring of with the classic Super Mario 64 as well as Pilotwings 64 and then looking at the slightly more dated Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire. Enjoy!

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