Heres some PS4 hacking news from Eurasia:

Red-EyeX32 has released a windows tool which allows decryption of encrypted entries within a PS4 package file container. He also encrypted the keys required to make the tool useful with RSA encryption which turned out to be a fun little Christmas trivia. Thanks goes to GaryOPA for the heads up, his story is here. Quote Red-EyeX32:

* This tool will allow you to decrypt encrypted entries within a package file container. The keys to decrypt these entry files are encrypted with RSA. I've provided the necessary keys but you will need to calculate the rest to make the tool useful.
* Remove the last 16 bytes from the included keys within the source to get the actual 'key' of E, P, & Q.
To calculate public key: n = q * p
To calculate private key: d = e^-1 mod ((p - 1) * (q - 1))
* Private key SHA-256: a9ac2702937c953ce42a85fae1d3914443a4859fed76140126 d8d52ab2778caf
* Public key SHA-256: c80fecd0f96b5f06135505d9056794117697c3b2848c89fdf3 70e087ea3e6237

Getting the public key was easy enough, but the private key took a bit of head scratching and Python magic. Read on if you want the keys (it will spoil the challenge)..."

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