Since ive had a new burst of energy with my website ive also refound my lifelong love for Homebrew and Emulation and one area i do like is the ongoing love for the Nintendo Gamecube, mainly becuase of the Nintendo Wii and Wii U, heres the release notes for this emulator

Snes9xGx v2.0.1b8 is released. Snes9xGx is a snes emulator for GameCube.

Snes9xGx v2.0.1b8 changelog:
* Added: SD slot B options for freezes, sram and loading of roms
* Changed: SMB options no longer displayed in menus when run on a Wii
* Changed: Game auto resumes running after resetting when choosing the "Reset
Game" menu option
* Fixed (maybe): Reading of DVDs past the 1.36 GB barrier (Wii only) please
test! - svpe