Via NintendoMax comes an update from the FlashHax Team regarding their software for the Nintendo Wii:

It's been a while since any new entry points have been introduced and even though the Wii might be pretty much dead I thought it was still worth having another free entry point.

This is an exploit in the Wii's Internet Channel which can still be freely downloaded from the shopping channel.
This exploit is entirely loaded over the internet so you don't even need an SD card for this.
The goal in the future is to have a little app store where you can launch any homebrew app without having to go through the Homebrew Channel or mess around with preparing files on an SD card.

Unfortunately this doesn't work for the vWii since Nintendo doesn't allow you to download the Internet Channel on the vWii. Although if you install the channel through homebrew it should in theory work (untested tho).

Currently the only payload that is prepared is the HackMii Installer (v1.2) so you can install homebrew on a Wii that has a broken SD card reader.
Although good luck trying to get any homebrew apps to play nice without their SD card support.

Here is the current guide to FlashHax.

1. Make sure you are running 4.3U (untested but might work on other regions) with the latest version of the Internet Channel.
2. In the Internet Channel go to
3. When the page loads it should tell you to bookmark this page. Go ahead and add the page as a favorite.
If you get this far then you can start from here if the exploit fails.
4. Click the page label "Exploit" that just got added in the favorites menu.
You should be booted into the HackMii installer after a few seconds.
It is normal for the "Downloading payload" screen to take a few seconds (15 or so).
If you get stuck on a screen that says "Downloading payload", "Performing Hax", or "Everything is not ok!" then hold down the power button on your Wii to try again.

From now on all you have to do is click the Exploit page from the favorites menu to be launched into the installer.
As I said above this isn't that useful to do multiple times however I hope to have a landing page where you can select what app you want to launch. (Coming soon... maybe... I haven't really started on this yet)