Those of you with PS4s couldn have some great Xmas news coming this week, heres the full info:

Developer SpecterDev has been hard at work to implement the recently disclosed PS4 Kernel Exploit for firmware 4.05. Screenshots surfaced on Reddit’s PS4Homebrew discord channel, mentioning that SpecterDev could be releasing his work as early as today or tomorrow (Update: SpecterDev has confirmed to me in a separate conversation that this is indeed the current status). Two months ago, Team Fail0verflow disclosed technical details of a kernel exploit for the PS4, running up to firmware 4.05. At the time, I believed it would be a matter of days for a full implementation to be released to the scene. It turns out some difficult components of the implementation have been left blank by the Fail0verflow writeup, and the few hackers who have tried to implement a full Jailbreak have ran into issues.