A late xmas pressie from the MAME team comes with a new release of the best arcade emulator on the planet, heres the release news:

Multiple arcade machine emulator for Windows has been updated. Changes:
Itís a bit late for Christmas, but MAME 0.193 is ready today. First of all, letís get the disclaimers out of the way. Weíve switched to GCC 7 for Windows binaries, and started requiring SSE 2 (Pentium 4, Opteron, Athlon 64, or equivalent) for 32-bit Windows binaries. In the unlikely event that either of these changes causes issues for your use case, youíll have to build from source. Thereís currently an issue with overlay artwork not being displayed when using bgfx video output. Unfortunately we havenít been able to address this in time for the release. As a workaround, we recommend using Direct3D or OpenGL video output for systems that use overlay artwork (this includes many handheld/tabletop games, Space Invaders, and the Vectrex console). You can track progress on this issue at MAME Testers.

And now, the stuff youíve all been waiting for: the highlights. Weíve added support for a whole lot of Tiger handhelds based on licensed IP in this release, including the unmissable MC Hammer, Batman Forever, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Robocop 2. Weíve also added some of Tigerís handheld renditions of popular games from other platforms, like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter II, Battletoads, and Space Harrier II. On the arcade side, newly working games include prototypes Calcune and In Your Face, a location test version of Teki Paki, PGM2 titles Oriental Legend 2 and Knights of Valour 2 New Legend, and a number of beatmania IIDX titles.

Computer fans donít need to feel left out this Christmas, either. The Agat-7 floppy drive emulation has been improved to the point where itís considered working, and the internal HP-9845 printer is now supported. If youíre at all interested in the FM Towns, you need to give this release a try, as r09 has made numerous improvements to sprites and scrolling, and greatly improved keyboard behaviour. There are also some big software list updates across a number of systems.

download http://mamedev.org/

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