Not familiar with this emulator so heres the release info:

SNES/NES/GameBoy/IBM PC emulator for Windows was updated recently. Changes:
- [IBM] Added IBM PC XT.
- [IBM] Added 8088 CPU.
- [IBM] Added Floppy Drive.
- [IBM] Added Hard Drive.
- [IBM] Added VCF XT-IDE.
- [IBM] Added DMA, PIC, PIT, PPI.
- [IBM] Added MDA, CGA, EGA, VGA.
- [IBM] Added Microsoft Compatible Serial Mouse.
- [IBM] Added 83 Key XT Keyboard.
- [IBM] Added Tecmar Captain.
- [IBM] Added 80x86 disassembler.
- [NES] Added TV-NET controller.
- [NES] Added TV-NET.
- [ALL] Added 720x540 Window Size (VGA).
- [ALL] Added hotkey editor.

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