Heres a great rom hack release, and a stunner to end the year on:

Happy Holidays RDHN! Just in time for New Years, here is a unique mod of the tear jerking game, Mother 3!
This is a hack that affects both the gameplay and story/text of the role-playing game, Mother 3. Main Protagonist Lucas has been replaced with his twin brother Claus, who has a radically different personality from him, and unlike Lucas in the vanilla game, allows you to see his thoughts/personality via inspections upon many objects/characters, as well as changes how the characters react to him. Much of the text in the game is changed to accommodate this (though the most notable text changes are in Chapter 1 and Chapters 4-8, 2 and 3 arenít changed very much). All of Lucasís sprites have been changed to resemble Claus, and vice versa. (There are some issues with Kid Clausís sprites when it comes to running to the north, but thatís an issue with how the game renders its sprites which cannot be fixed sadly.)-
The gameplay is also altered in terms of what PSI he and Kumatora can learn throughout the game, and how you can use those moves in battle, which also affects the strategy youíll be using during battle depending on the version you choose. The details of each versionís differences/changes are detailed in the README included, though the story stays the same between all of them.
NOTE: Do know that the creator of this hack was only able to alter text, but not edit story events directly, so while the interactions and development for the characters differs in the story, the end results of certain events stay the same.
Special thanks to Lorenzoone for editing the Inventory/Battle Sprites for Claus, NoUsernameAvailable (yes, thatís what he asked to be called) for helping working on the ROM with Mother 3 Funland in order to change the color palettes of both Lucas and Claus so they could both have their proper sets of colors, and lastly, to Otherguy and Koops, who helped to alter all the enemy values for the Moveswap version of the hack so PSI alterations would work properly for Kumatora and Claus.

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