The 3DO was an awesome console, wish i had never got rid of mine, heres some great news:

Phoenix v2.8.23 Debug is released. Phoenix is the all-new emulator 3DO that the developer developed over 6 years, the emulator has nothing to freedo.

Phoenix v2.8JAG Changelog:

!! Fixes in the object processor (earned by Rebooteroids)
!! Fixed a blitter in the inner loop part (a number of hangs was removed)
+ RISC processors reproduced a hardware error with writing to the flag register (compatibility is improved)
!! Fixed prefetching of commands in DSP
+ Added support for increased horizontal screen resolution
+ The scan is corrected (unnecessary parts of the screen are removed)
!! Alignment adjusted so that Protector SE works
+ Added options for emulating RISC processors in separate threads
+ Overall optimization performed

system Requirements:
P3, 128mb, windows xp/vista/7