Ian Beer, a Google security expert that works for Project Zero, the iOS jailbreak scene was given a new lease of life since his exploit worked on all devices running iOS 11 (up to 11.1.2).

Houdini on iOS 11 allows you do the following:

  • Change icon shapes.
  • System-wide ad blocking since Apple only allows Content Blockers to work in Safari!
  • Change emoji fonts (do note that only you will be able to see the custom emojis as the receiving end will receive normal emojis)
  • Change the boot logo.
  • Add your face to Animojis iPhone X only (quite obvious, eh?)
  • More features such as removing icon labels!

The g0blin jailbreak is almost ready since both Cydia and Cydia Substrate work and only a small issue with entitlement (permissions) for root apps needs to be sorted out before a release can be made available for the public!

More info http://wololo.net/2018/01/04/houdini...x-updated-rc5/