Heres some Snes translation news that may interest:

The version 2.0 patch for Tengai Makyou Zero (an RPG for the Super Famicom) has been released for download. All of the issues with the game that were found in the version 1.0 patch have been addressed.
The patch translates the text and graphics from Japanese into American English. Note that some emulators may have trouble running the patched version of the rom, but that is due to faulty emulation rather than a problem with the patch. (It can be run on real hardware by modifying the original Japanese cartridge.)
In addition, all of the game’s packaging (including the box, manual, and all of the inserts) have been translated, and the link can be found on the project page and in the readme. (The readme also contains some secret information about a hidden event in the game, for those who take the time to read it!)

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