Heres some exciting news regarding VitaGL,

VitaGL is a project that aims to bring accelerated OpenGL to HENKaku-enabled PSVita and PSTV devices. Quite obviously, this project requires a large amount of work but Rinnegatamante has already been able to get something such as:

  • Vertex array and color array support. These are important when it comes to displaying colour on OpenGL polygons.
  • A rotating cube demo that runs at a high frame rate. This means that his OpenGL implementation is actually getting somewhere!Who doesn’t like hardware accelerated polygons?

  • VBO support was added and the implementation’s performance was improved.

The main types of homebrew that you can expect from Rinnegatamante’s VitaGL project are:

  • HW rendered ports of open-source games such as Quake 3
  • Updates for some PSVita homebrew ports such as vitaQuake. Rinnegatamante plans to port ProQuake’s glQuake renderer to vitaQuake for better performance and image quality.
  • Possibly emulators that require 3D acceleration namely an N64 emulator (something that lots of us have been waiting for)!