The Nintendo Switch hacking scene is hotting up and now hackers Team Failoverflow have entered the arena:

Team Fail0verflow have uploaded a video showcasing a Nintendo Switch running an exploit as the console starts (video below).
This announce happens right after Team Xecuter stated they would release a hacking “solution” for all models of Nintendo Switch in Spring this year. I don’t believe in coincidences here and I personally read this as a message from Fail0verflow to Team Xecuter, that whatever commercial scheme they have in mind could be trumped by a free hack. The announces from these two teams happen as a homebrew launcher has been scheduled to be released for firmware 3.0.0 in a few weeks.
With that being said, Fail0verflow haven’t released fully weaponized hacks in a long time, in particular on the latest firmware of current generation consoles, so it is not clear if they intend to release anything at this point.

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