The PSP Emulator for WIndows and More written in JAVA has again been updated, heres whats new:

The revision 685b8cb of the emulator jpcsp was released and built. Here are the download links:

windows-x86-32: http://files.e...dows-x86-32.7z
windows-x86-64: http://files.e...dows-x86-64.7z
linux-x86-32: http://files.e...inux-x86-32.7z
linux-x86-64: http://files.e...inux-x86-64.7z
macosx: http://files.e...b8cb-macosx.7z

 Started work on LLE MMIO for the UMD and ATA hardware.
check out the Live Downloads section for more builds