Moonlight is an open-source implementation of the nVidia GameStream client that allows you to locally stream your Steam games (and a very large percentage of non-steam games/software such as console emulators like PCSX2 and Dolphin) to a device of your choice (such as Android/iOS devices and on other PCs through Chrome). It allows for high-quality streaming with minimal to no input lag of your PC games.

Vita Moonlight version 0.3.0 and 0.3.1 bring about the following:

  • Support was added for GFE 3.11.- version 0.3
  • A new configuration option about reference frame invalidation. According to a Reddit user, disabling the option removes almost all input lag if you had any. – version 0.3
  • The configuration for unset resolutions was fixed. – version 0.3
  • An issue was fixed in which you couldn’t connct to new devices (PCs) – version 0.3.1