With all the hacking news of the Nintendo Switch recently heres some more that is very interesting:

Today, Fail0verflow have given more details on that exploit, by confirming that it cannot be patched by Nintendo on existing models. In other words, all currently produced Nintendo Switch consoles are vulnerable to this hack and exploitable, and although Nintendo could potentially fix existing models (after the hack is disclosed) without a hardware revision, they apparently wouldn’t be able to release a patch online. However, Fail0verflow have not provided any release date for the hack. It’s actually very possible that they have no intention to release anything. In the past, Fail0verflow have been very careful to distance themselves from any release that could lead to piracy. For example for the PS4, they released patches in order to run Linux on the console about ayear ago, but without the kernel exploits required to actually run unsigned code. Late in 2016, they gave details on a kernel exploit for firmware 4.05, but that had been patched a long time ago by Sony, and not applicable to the latest firmware.

via http://wololo.net/2018/01/16/nintend...ease-announce/