Heres some news for fans of hacking on the PS4 (ive finally got one), thanks to gbatemp for this news:

  • VVildCard777 has just released a homebrew enabler in the form of a binary payload for PS4 firmware 4.05. In addition to announcing his development on twitter, he also gives a hefty amount of credit to users flat_z for his writeup on how to handle PS4 Fake PKGs and SELF / FSELF, notzecoxao and psxdev for their assistance with the project, and IDC for his codebase. This homebrew enabler allows PS4 users on this firmware to not only launch homebrew applications, custom themes, BGM, and packages, but will also eventually allow users to run their backup PS4 games.

    This enabler is available through VV1LD's GitHub page here, with instructions found in the included ReadMe. Users must first run the kernel exploit (either from browser or manual) and inject the payload that way (how to run kernel exploit) Afterwards, it's as simple as installing the desired homebrew pkg through Settings/☆Debug Settings/Game/Package Installer and running it as an application. Pictured above is a test homebrew package, which simply prints a "Hello world!" message on the screen.

    Note that it's recommended to disable your PS4's internet connection before installing the package, as some users have reported a prompt asking to install the latest firmware. The kernel exploit currently will not work on any firmwares above 4.05, so don't update if you plan to make use of this.